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Airline Reviews

To make your next flight a very special one, you should know in advance what to expect. The airline reviews in the Flyers Archive offer you valuable assistance in making your personal dream of flying come true.

As part of Travellers Archive, our airline reviews in Flyers Archive provide you with detailed airline ratings that are honest, blunt and independent.

Our airline reviews are an honest review of our flight experience including a detailed experience report and final airline ranking. We rate the flight in various categories from takeoff to landing.

What do the airline reviews contain?

We report on the check-in and lounge access, the boarding procedure and the first impression of the cabin. We tell you if the seat is good and comfortable, how the space is, which seat is the best and in which seating configuration the seats are installed. We also show you in each airline test how good the entertainment is, how varied the food is, how punctual the airline is and how sophisticated the service is before and during the flight.

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