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Mediakit & Cooperations

Travellers Archive is one of the travel blogs with the widest reach in the German-speaking world. Here you can find out how we can organise a great trip or cooperation together - and what we have already done so far.

What does Travellers Archive stand for?

Travellers Archive is one of the travel blogs with the widest reach in the German-speaking world. We reach almost 400,000 readers a month with authentic travel tips for more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our travel blog stands for real travel. Real people. Real stories. We are full-time bloggers and full-time travellers and always on the lookout for new experiences. We present these to our readers in a genuine and detailed way, in the form of travel tips that are as personal as if they were from your best friend. In other words: We give our readers recommendations with which they can travel worldwide individually and genuinely.

Our main topics

  • Excursions in the DACH region and neighbouring countries (Bavaria, NRW, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Western Lake Constance)
  • City trips (Brighton, Constance, Görlitz, Tbilisi, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Catania, Zurich)
  • Roadtrips (Oman, Namibia, Lebanon, Georgia & Armenia, Portugal, Bahamas)
    Indulgence & Culinary (Black Forest, Cooking Course in Istanbul, Cooking Course in Japan, Ethiopian Food, Turkish Food, Georgian Cuisine)
  • Outdoor & Nature (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Faroe Islands, Azores, Guernsey)
  • Adventure Travel (Pakistan, West Africa, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon)
  • Individual tours (Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Hawaii)
  • Special accommodations (Samanvaya, Kerry Hotel, Andaz Tokyo)
  • Airlines (Emirates, Turkish, United Airlines)

Prinzensee in Hochkönig

Our target group

Our readers are individual travellers, road trip lovers, adventurers and explorers – and like authentic travel experiences. Most of them come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (followed by the Netherlands and the UK). On average, our readers are between 25 and 44 years old.

The typical reader of Travellers Archive is looking for:

  • Ideas for a weekend trip or an excursion in the surrounding area
  • Personal travel tips for your next city trip
  • Travel tips & routes for road trips around the world
  • Restaurant tips, cooking classes and dishes from around the world
  • Tips for nature adventures on land and water
  • How-to guides for individual travel to off-the-beaten-track places
  • Inspiration for your next individual trip to a faraway destination
  • Great hotels with special stories
  • Detailed reviews of the latest airline products


Since our founding in 2017, we have worked with numerous partners. One of our biggest projects was a world tour that we were able to implement in 2017 together with Star Alliance and Munich Airport. For 3.5 months, we travelled through 13 countries. Content was created for the Star Alliance, for Munich Airport and for our own channels.

We are open to all cooperations and welcome suggestions! It is important to us that the cooperation fits us and our readers. In the last five years, we have already developed numerous cooperations with wonderful partners.

These destinations already worked with us:

These hotels worked with us:

Our airline partners:

Reisfeld mitten im Samanvaya Luxury Resort

Press Trips

Press trips are not a no-go for us, especially if they are special and take us – and thus our readers – to interesting places.

We are happy to join you on group press trips – as a couple or alone – but we also implement individual trips with you, where we travel alone and create a programme together with you.

A few examples of press trips we participated in:

Content Production

We are also happy to create content for your destination outside of press trips. Whether it’s travel reports on the website of the respective destination, photos for your client’s social media channels or targeted video production for long-term marketing measures. We work with videographers, are photographers ourselves and are pretty sure that we can create the perfect content for you.

You can find a few examples of previous productions below:

  • Blog articles for the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in German: 5 tolle Herbstspots in Japan” and “24 Stunden in Kobe
  • After our press trip to Chumphon and Ranong, we created an in-depth article for the Thailand Tourism Association that has been published on the official Thailand blog e
  • For Brittany Tourism, we produced an entire radio campaign that aired on RPR1 and BigFm, two large radio broadcasting stations in Germany. Within the production, a landing page was produced.
  • For Curaçao Tourism, we created on-site content for current newsletter campaigns. In addition, our blog features a contribution from the “Faces of Curaçao” campaign, which we created.


Are you interested in our media kit? Then just send us an email to hello@travellersarchive.com. We always keep our figures up to date and therefore do not offer them for download. However, we would be happy to send it to you in German or English.

Our numbers

  • Blog live since: 2017
  • Published blog articles: 465 German articles and their English translation
  • Unique Page Visits: 203.000
  • Impressions: 410.000


Our travel blog is our most important mouthpiece. And yet we use Instagram to really take our community live with us on our travels. We now have a travel-savvy, active and adventurous community on Instagram that not only follows our stories, but also our tips.

Within a cooperation, we are also happy to create content for your destination. Whether it’s reels, posts or a takeover of your Instagram account, we’re open to anything.

  • Follower: 17.150
  • Reichweite: 12.500

Other Social Media acconts

  • Facebook: 8.120 Follower
  • Twitter: 60.130 Follower
  • Pinterest: 4.000 Follower